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As data continues to become a valuable commodity in the retail and manufacturing industries, businesses need to take extra steps to ensure that sensitive information is locked down, tight.

For these industries, that can include large caches of consumer data – putting them in the firing line of GDPR and PCI, and ensuring your company IP remains where it belongs.

The relationship between businesses and consumers has evolved in recent years, thanks in part to social media channels and greater public scrutiny. Further complicating the relationship, is the increasing pressure on companies to keep personal data secure, or face the wrath of the ICO.

Unfortunately, customer data is also valuable to other parties. This has made retail businesses and manufacturers the targets of cyber attacks, and has ensured that accidental data breaches are even more devastating.

Where we can help:


Retail ManufacturingEngage with solutions to empower customers and employees alike, and pave the way for the modern store. Meanwhile, improve efficiency and security through automated JML processes.


Retail ManufacturingTransform traditional processes with new technologies and cloud-based solutions. With the rise of the Internet of Things, it’s never been more crucial for manufacturers to secure data at all end points. Explore multi-factor authentication, single sign-on, and advanced threat protection options to meet IOT head on.



Retail ManufacturingDeliver on objectives with security and peace of mind. Allow your teams to access and share data securely, limiting access to the right individuals.




Offering consumers a secure way to interact with your business is the first step in protecting their sensitive information, followed by the wider implementation of solutions at every level of the business. With employees directly responsible for data handling every day, it pays to support their development and provide the tools they need to keep you compliant and your customers confident.

For more information on how we work with the retail and manufacturing sectors to secure their data, please contact a member of our dedicated team.

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