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Held accountable to stricter regulations and additional compliance measures, public sector organisations have a duty to protect sensitive information.

Finding the right solution for budgets and requirements, however, is an altogether different challenge – one we can help with. Through our work with the public sector in universities, schools, and the NHS, our team of experts have become experienced and knowledgeable in pairing organisations with the right solutions for them.

Our expertise and advice are inclusive of the unique challenges facing the public sector, and with the help of our trusted partners and our consultative approach, your organisation can reach its targets, while remaining on budget.



public sectorOur solutions have helped NHS Trusts to improve efficiency and security by connecting identity solutions with the Electronic Staff Records system.


public sector With hundreds – often, thousands – of student and employee accounts being provisioned and de-provision every year, educational institutions can often feel the burden of manual identity management the heaviest.


public sector We’ve worked with governmental departments and local councils to consolidate and manage identities, maintaining compliance and safeguarding against threats.


Following the well-publicised WannaCry attack, focus has shifted towards security in the public sector in an effort to curtail further cyber threats. Often, however, threats lie within an organisation due to employees having the wrong permissions, password fatigue, and manual processes.

If you’d like to know more, our team are always on hand to help.


The WannaCry attack in 2017 was responsible for disruptions in 34% of NHS Trusts

National Audit Office Report

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