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The legal landscape is undergoing a dramatic change. Cyber-security has become a priority, and many firms are embarking on their own digital transformation journey.

Through a programme of digital transformation, Legal firms around the world are embracing new technologies in an effort to access new markets, better support employees and clients, and ensure their own compliance.

Despite the enthusiasm and mounting interest in digital transformation, challenges remain in their path.  Our aim is to work alongside legal firms as the experts by their side, preparing legal firms for the journey ahead, whilst also guiding them along the way.

Where we can help:

Preparing for Digital Transformation

preparing for digital transformationBefore any legal digital transformation can begin,  firms must be prepared for the challenges they’ll encounter.

Our experts assist with the implementation of foundational changes, upon which transformation can be built – including tailoring identity and access management to legal, strengthening data protection, and advising on strategy.

Download our whitepaper to read about how your firm can prepare for digitalisation.

Ensuring Merger  &  Acquisition Success

legal digital transformation - mergersMergers and acquisitions present legal firms with the opportunity to unlock new markets and fuel expansion. But before reaping the benefits, firms have much to think about. Mergers and acquisitions represent a meshing together of different data points, different user permissions, and different security infrastructures.

By automating processes such as joiner/mover/leaver (JML) and laying the foundations for excellent identity and access management (IAM), firms can ensure a smooth transition.

Empowering Collaboration and Connectivity

Legal digital transformation - collaborateAt the heart of many LawTech innovations is the desire to collaborate and connect. Accessing LawTech and all it has to offer, then, is dependent on legal firms’ readiness in these areas.

With our guidance around the B2B collaboration solutions on offer, legal firms can overcome the barriers keeping them from taking part in the LawTech revolution.

Adopting New Technology

Tech in the legal sector must address various industry-specific challenges – and that includes those around adopting new technology.

Although paper-based processes are still faithfully upheld, many legal firms are ready to take the leap and adopt new technology in order to help them to tap into new markets and offer better productivity. Our experts are on hand to help make that leap a much smaller jump.

To find out more, please contact a member of our dedicated team.

82% of the UK’s top legal firms rated themselves as ‘somewhat’ or ‘extremely’ concerned about cyberattacks

PwC’s Annual Law Firms Survey


We’ve combined our experience working alongside legal firms with in-depth research to produce our whitepaper, Begins with a Single Step: Preparing Legal Firms for Their Digital Transformation Journey. Read it here, and prepare your firm before taking the first step towards digital transformation.

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