Have You Had a Zero Trust Assessment?

Never Trust, Always Verify

Find out how to take your organisation’s data and resource security in the right direction with a thorough Zero Trust assessment from Identity Experts.

The secure Zero Trust model – where verification is king, and no access is trusted – is becoming increasingly popular with organisations. But while many are aware that they need to improve their security, they often don’t know where to start. That’s where we can help.

Identity Experts’ Zero Trust assessment – and its resulting roadmap – is designed to simplify the first steps of this journey, uncovering areas of risk and improvement associated with identity and security processes. This is the ideal starting point for organisations looking to explore this approach.


Package Highlights

  • Highlight areas of risk and improvement
  • Evaluate identity maturity, managed devices, and more
  • Report provides insights, recommendations, and a roadmap
  • Make a strong start on your journey to a completely Zero Trust model.
  • Enhance your organisation’s current security posture

The assessment evaluates identity maturity, managed devices, privileged access, and audit and risk posture – with findings published in an in-depth report.

The report’s insights and recommendations form the roadmap with which organisations can start to develop a Zero Trust model environment.

What Outcomes Should You Expect?

  1. A detailed assessment of current practise in comparison to a Zero Trust environment
  2. An actionable implementation strategy
  3. A business case to garner buy-in from stakeholders across the organisation


Who’s It For?

Organisations that want a strategy and recommendations for starting their journey towards a model of Zero Trust.


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