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Is manually managing Microsoft Teams lifecycles keeping your university or college from tapping into the full potential of this collaborative solution?  Teams Connect can help.

As colleges and universities change how they engage with learners, Microsoft Teams for Education has found itself in the spotlight. On offer is the ability to communicate, collaborate, and adapt to remote learning challenges.

However, many educational establishments have found themselves meeting with a familiar hurdle: creating and managing individual teams can be time consuming and costly, amping up the pressure on staff. There really isn’t any room for human errors or inefficiencies. 

In response to this challenge, Identity Experts has developed Teams Connect for Education, a fully-supported solution that automates Microsoft Teams lifecycle management.

Teams Connect for Education uses a direct feed into the Student Records System to ensure that data is always current – doing away with traditional manual processes, such as creating and uploading CSV files.

The results are instantly tangible: staff can reclaim their time, decrease human error, and be confident that the information in Microsoft Teams is correct, while users know that they have access to the right teams at all times.

Teams Connect for Education is provided as a fully supported service to universities and colleges across the UK, and includes initial configuration and UK-based support from the experts.


Save time, money, and effort: Automates Teams lifecycle management for education, cutting out manual processes.



Stay up to date. Reads data directly from your Student Records system, ensuring information is always up to date



You’re not alone. Enjoy UK-based support and 4 included service hours



A new way of doing things. No manual CSV exporting, processing or uploading



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