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At a time when data has become more valuable than oil, organisations find themselves increasingly in the crosshairs of a cyberattack. It’s time to lock your business down, tight.

Between leaks, hackers, and employee misdemeanours, it feels like every shred of data is up for grabs. With intelligent and advanced technologies in their arsenal, however, organisations are now able to expertly monitor their systems’ activity, control data access and sharing, and pinpoint high-risk usage to protect against threats.

With better preparation and fewer threats to think about, your organisation can focus on day-to-day business with confidence.

Classify Data & Access

Classify data based on sensitivity, and maintain the protection of said data, even when provided to external sources and stored on corporate devices

Behavioural Analytics

Monitor individual behaviour to highlight potential threats and ensure that access is automatically revoked when necessary.


Remedial Actions

A threat has been detected, but what next? Using automation, threats can be responded to and damage minimised – quickly



We’re living in a GDPR world, where data is priceless and compliance is everything. Arm yourself with everything you need to stave off threats and stay within regulation guidelines.


Extended Protection

Integrate with your devices to extend protection across your equipment, as well as the cloud.




Privileged Access Management (PAM)

Allow access to sensitive information, restricting permissions by time and device, automatically removing individuals once they’re done.

Protect Legacy Data

Ensure that no data is left behind with a solution which allows you to protect legacy data in line with your current roadmap.


Pinpoint high-risk usage and cloud security issues by reporting on abnormal behaviour to prevent threats.

Start to Finish

Safeguard against malicious emails, suspicious links and viral downloads, protecting at every point.


Did you know?

In 2017, data loss cost UK businesses an average of £2.48million per loss.


 “Keeping up to date with regular staff changes manually wasn’t working. We couldn’t ensure that new starters got access to the systems they needed in time, or leavers’ access was removed from the system promptly. This compromised both employee productivity and security. We knew we needed to implement an automated system.”

Nigel Hall, Doncaster and Bassetlaw Teaching Hospital

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