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In recent years, the typical organisation’s IT infrastructure has become a complex hybrid of cloud and mobile technologies, and on-premises solutions. Keeping such an eco-system well balanced and secure is a modern challenge, with a modern solution.

Like most complex challenges, the solution is quite simple: a fully-fledged identity management system, offering multi-layered control and security by focusing on consolidating and managing accounts.

Joiners Movers Leavers

Keep up with joiners, lovers, and leavers within the organisation, changing and revoking access automatically to safeguard sensitive information.


Single Sign-On

By utilising one protected common identity, employees can enjoy autonomy and have secure access to the resources they need to get the job done. Meanwhile, control remains centralised and you no longer have to worry about how individuals traverse your network.


Gift users with the autonomy to manage their passwords and request access to sensitive information. Your IT department will thank you for saving them precious time that’s wasted on carrying out trivial tasks.


Conditional Access to Sensitive Information

Machine learning detects suspicious behaviour, applying risk-based conditional access to minimise security risks. Users can also be restricted by location and device for additional control.


GDPR Compliance

Under the EU’s new guidelines, ensuring that only the right people can access employees’ personal data is crucial to compliance.



Financial Savings on Unused Licences

Are all your user licences accounted for? With former employees still active, organisations can rack up huge costs in unused licences.


Understand who has access to data, and who has accessed it in the past, for a top-down view of the organisation’s security through better identity management.

Access Reviews

Administrators can maintain confidence in the new Joiner/Mover/Leaver process with regular prompts to review permissions.



A survey into IT managers’ confidence around protecting their organisations showed that 42% of respondents admitted their uncertainty to prevent breaches caused by accidental or purposeful staff actions.



Identity Management“We’ve got 15,000 students live at any one time, so to manually manage on-boarding and de-provisioning is a very onerous task for the IT team. Now, we have the automated management of staff and student account provisioning.”
Steve Parry, Newham College


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