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Enhancements in Identity Access Management (IAM) means that organisations can now do away with traditional, manual processes and the related security risks that come with them.

Automated joiner, mover, leaver (JML) is the cornerstone of good identity management. Manual JML processes leave your business open to significant vulnerabilities and inefficiencies. Without automation, new employees can be left waiting for permissions, while ex-employees pose a security threat due to their continued access. And that’s just for starters!


Slicker Onboarding

joiner mover leaverEmployees can hit the ground running with autonomous joiner, mover, leaver processes managing the setup of new joiners within the organisation.



Effective Termination of Rights

joiner mover leaverWhen a working relationship ends, ensure sensitive data is secure by automatically revoking access rights on a leaver’s last day.


No More Permission-Amassing

joiner mover leaverAutomatically change permissions to match an employee’s changing job role as they move throughout the organisation, safeguarding confidential information in the process.



identity and access managementGift users with the autonomy to manage their passwords and request access, freeing up the IT department to spend their time on more cost-sensitive tasks.


Passwordless Working & Multi-Factor Authentication

Still using a w3lcome password scribbled on a post-it note? Remove this needless security risk, and others like it, with the latest in bio-authentication and MFA technologies.


Choose Between RBAC and ABA

As job roles differ between organisations, so too does granting access. Organisations can choose to assign access based on an individual’s Role (RBAC) or Attributes (ABAC).

Attestation Campaigns

Employees can request access to a resource for a limited amount of time, allowing for autonomy, swifter workflows and security.


Understand who has access to data, and who has accessed it in the past, for a top-down view of the organisation’s security.


Save time and money by dramatically reducing the number of manual processes and trivial support requests your IT team have to carry out.


Did you Know?
Former employees retaining access to sensitive information opens organisations up to scrutiny under GDPR if personal data is available.


 “It’s vital that when learners start their courses with us, we can give them immediate access to the resources they need to study and succeed. Similarly, when a learner completes their course, or enrols again, their access to resources is changed accordingly.”
Rick Giagnacovo, Preston’s College

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