We Support the Microsoft Partner Pledge

As part of our role as Microsoft Gold Partner, we’re thrilled to be supporting Microsoft’s Partner Pledge for 2021 and beyond. Here’s what that means.

In 2020, Identity Experts joined other partners around the world to sign the Microsoft Partner Pledge – a show of support for Microsoft’s ongoing efforts to create a greener, more inclusive world. 

Apart from giving us an inspirational lead to follow, the Partner Pledge provides us with opportunities to inform our business’ growth in a way that enhances digital skills, leaves less of an impact on the planet, and ensures we’re doing our bit for diversity.

  • Promote digital skills – including training and investment
  • Inform younger generations of digital careers through apprenticeships and opportunities
  • Build a more inclusive and diverse workforce
  • Build AI in an ethical and responsible way
  • Focus on sustainability
  • Build accessible solutions
As 2021 progresses, we’ll be working to represent each of these goals in our activities, supporting Microsoft in their mission to improve the world.
Want to hear more about what we’re up to as Microsoft Gold Partner? Feel free to get in touch.


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