ITEXACT is a Consultancy and Managed Services company specialising in company-wide IT transformation. They drive the strategy, broker the technology solutions and deliver the associated programs needed to deliver effective business IT transformations with ease.

As a Microsoft Gold Partner in several cloud services, ITEXACT stands out as a world leader in taking its clients into both private and public cloud offerings. Their consultants have been recognised by Microsoft as leaders in this space and invited onto the SAP Azure advisory board.

Their experience of Office 365 and Azure (since 2011 and 2012 respectively) enables them to build truly unique and cost-effective offerings for their clients. This has resulted in the development of Surveil HCM (Microsoft Hybrid Cloud Management Platform) and Surveil SLIM (Microsoft Cost and License optimisation, Security and Identity Management).

Innovative and Secure Cloud Solutions

All of ITEXACT’s innovative products are secured to full ISO 27001 standards, through the use of world leading tools, data centres, and Cloud solutions. This allows users to access applications or cloud based services securely.

Unlocking Value

Unified Collaboration solutions are an integral part of ITEXACT’s Cloud Delivery Platform, so rather than needing to source multiple vendors for many different things, they offer you Everything-as-a-Service. 

Communication Style

Rather than bringing clients hundreds of pages of documents, this organisation has a modern communication style. ITEXACT communicate via tangible recommendations, getting the job done quickly and effectively. 


ITEXACT pride themselves in delivering effective solutions and bringing technology back to earth.

In many organisations today, it’s not unusual to experience a gap between the IT team and other departments; the potential of a successful relationship often remains unrealised as a result.

In the following webinar, our partners ITEXACT discuss the challenges caused by departmental rifts, the potential benefits of bridging the gap, and how increased visibility over IT can help finance to forecast better, HR to manage people better, and the whole business to flourish.


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