Get to Know Our Customers

From top law firms to educational institutes, our customers are as varied as they are invested in identity and security.

We pride ourselves on cultivating strong working relationships with our customers, working alongside organisations as their trusted experts.

Find out more about our customers – as well as how our team of experts helped them to minimise risk and maximise compliance – below.

Top 10 Global Law Firm

Identity Experts helped a Top 10 global law firm solve its AD synchronisation problems and implement a worldwide Advanced Threat Analysis solution.

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Newham College

Identity Experts implemented Microsoft 365 at Newham College, improving their joiners, leavers, movers process, and making a big difference for both users and the organisation’s IT team.

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Doncaster and Bassetlaw Teaching Hospitals

Doncaster and Bassetlaw Teaching Hospitals partnered with Identity Experts to implement an automated connection between ESR and Microsoft Identity Manager, improving employee productivity and IT security.

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Fashion Retail Academy

Identity Experts worked with the Fashion Retail Academy to reduce the amount of time IT staff spent on identity management, by synchronising Microsoft Identity Manager with its systems.

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Preston’s College

Preston’s College partnered with Identity Experts on Microsoft Identity Manager (MIM) implementation – improving student experience, as well as system and data security.

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