Our COVID Response

We’re all living in challenging times, but we’d like to make things a little easier for you and your business.

As the pandemic continues to evolve, we’ll be supplying you with further information on our working practices and resources on this page. The Identity Experts team is dedicated to helping organisations to navigate the current crisis, powering on with their digital transformations and coming out of the woods in a stronger position.

We’ve also adapted our pre-existing work practices to ensure an undisturbed service, while safeguarding our employees and customers through remote workshops, webinars, meetings, and delivery.

Now, you’ll be able to work with Identity Experts from afar at every stage, maintaining your transformative plans for 2020.

Along side our usual services, we’re also offering the following in 2020:

If you have any further questions about what we have on offer, how we’re working in the pandemic, or how we can help your organisation, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team, who are happy to assist.

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