NHS Organisations: Secure Teams Enablement for Free

In order to help business anywhere rapidly switch to remote working – and to promote public safety in light of COVID-19 – Microsoft have recently made available a six-month trial to the premium version of its Microsoft Teams business chat/collaboration application.

At Identity Experts, we want to help in the fight, offering our expertise, free of charge, to those needing to confront this challenge head on.

As our NHS ramps up its efforts to confront the greatest health crisis of our generation, decision makers need to be able to communicate efficiently, safely and securely:

  • Teams’ powerful instant messaging, screen-sharing, collaboration and video features allow real-time communication using a variety of mediums;
  • Less in-person contact, away from the frontlines ensures safer communication;
  • All of this must be done securely, with collaborators being certain that those they are communicating with are verified parties. 

We pledge our expertise to assist those NHS organisations who have not yet realised the benefit of this powerful platform, offering a three-day remote, consultant-led engagement, which seeks to:

  1. Establish synchronisation between on-premises Active Directory and Microsoft’s cloud service, securely configured to synchronise all or a subset of your users;
  2. Offer a variety of authentication methods: password (hash) synchronisation, verification of password on premises (pass-through authentication) or ADFS;
  3. Enable Teams, with automated licensing.

We do, of course, hope that when life returns to normal, you become a customer for life.  But for now, we offer this completely free of charge and with no obligation. 

If you’re interested, please get in touch with the team.

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