Monday Round-Up: Passwords & Profits

Posted on 29 April 2019

Welcome to the Identity Experts Monday Round-Up, presenting you with a selection of news stories you may have missed from the last week – all in handy bitesize chunks.

190,000 Users Have Had Details Revealed in Docker Hub Hack

Usernames and passwords for 190,000 users have been exposed after Docker Hub faced a security breach. Luckily (?), this constitutes only “5% of Docker Hub’s entire database”.

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Over 23 Million Breached Accounts Used ‘123456’ as Password

If that password looks familiar to you, it’s time to shake up your security. A recent analysis has shown that 123456 continues to reign supreme as the worst password for breaches.

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Crypto Thief Guesses Weak Passwords; Nets $54m

Password fatigue has struck again, with one particularly patient cryptocurrency bandit guessing weak passwords to net an estimated $54m. There’s a lesson to be learned here…!

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Microsoft Smashes Expectations with $30.6bn in Revenue

Microsoft has shared its quarter three earnings, proving its serious about Azure with a staggering $30.6bn revenue posting.

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Identity Experts Partners with Lookout

It’s a mobile-first world, and our customers understand that. To help deliver mobile security, we’ve partnered with the amazing Lookout.

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Download Our Legal Whitepaper

We’ve released our new legal whitepaper, Begins with a Single Step: Preparing Legal Firms for Their Digital Transformation Journey. You can download the whitepaper here.




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