Monday News Round-Up: Protecting Victims

Posted on 5 August 2019

Welcome to the Identity Experts Monday Round-Up, presenting you with a selection of news stories you may have missed from the last week – all in handy bitesize chunks.

Was the Capital One Breach Inevitable?


Following news of Capital One’s data breach, questions are being asked – namely, was this preventable if a more effective response had been made to Equifax’s own breach?

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Google has Revealed a Number of Flaws in Apple’s iMessage


Google’s team of ‘bug hunters’ have identified five glaring flaws in Apple’s iMessage, leaving users vulnerable. One such flaw enables file duplication without the user aiding the hack at all.

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Ransomware Victims Get Help from Scheme


A free ransomware scheme, set up by Europol and McAfee is helping victims to keep hold of their data without shelling out to pay ransoms. So far, it’s saved more than 200,000 victims over $108  million in ransom payments.

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Partner Spotlight

Is the UK Falling Behind in the IoT Race?

New Microsoft research suggests that the UK could be falling behind when it comes to the Internet of Things. Just 73% of UK firms have adopted IoT technology, despite huge amounts of funding available for those who dare.

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The Latest From Us

Podcast: An Introduction to Identity Management

Our very own Amy Stokes-Waters and Shelley Hill joined the Techstringy podcast last week, in order to introduce listeners to the world of identity and access management.

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