Monday News Round-Up: Facing Up to Breaches

Posted on 1 July 2019

Welcome to the Identity Experts Monday Round-Up, presenting you with a selection of news stories you may have missed from the last week – all in handy bitesize chunks.

AMCA Files for Chapter 11 After Breach

Getty Images 2019

In the face of outrage over their handling of a data breach affecting millions of records, US medical billing giant AMCA has been forced to liquidate via a Chapter 11 filing.

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June Had Fewest Recorded Data Breaches Since May 2018

Newly published research shows that June was technically a good month for cybersecurity compared to the last thirteen months – even if 39.7 million records were still leaked.

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Social Engineering Masterclass Comes to Manchester

ZeroDayLab Ltd.

On 4th July, our friends at ZeroDayLab will be hosting a social engineering masterclass at Manchester art gallery. The event will educate organisations on phishing scams and protecting employees.

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Microsoft is Powering Inclusive Classrooms

Microsoft has pledged to use its technology to power inclusive classrooms across the UK, with an initiative aimed at benefiting millions of children.

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Identity Underpins Security – Identity Experts at IDM

We’re back from IDM June, and we had a great time! If you missed it, here’s your chance to learn what our stand was all about, and get a sneak peek at the lesson behind this year’s theme – that identity underpins security.


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