Monday News Round-Up: Facebook’s Record Fine

Posted on 15 July 2019

Welcome to the Identity Experts Monday Round-Up, presenting you with a selection of news stories you may have missed from the last week – all in handy bitesize chunks.

US Regulators Hit Facebook with $5bn Fine

Sky News

After mis-handling the personal data of 87million users, Facebook has finally been handed a punishment – but is money enough to deter future privacy lapses? Only time will tell.

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Agent Smith Threatens 25million Android Devices

The Verge

Malware dubbed ‘Agent Smith’ replaced app code on 25million devices last week, allowing itself to propagate more easily. Fortunately, data wasn’t what it was after – but the security ramifications are still a concern.

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Podcast: An Introduction to Identity Management

Our very own Amy Stokes-Waters and Shelley Hill joined the Techstringy podcast last week, in order to introduce listeners to the world of identity and access management.

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Partner Spotlight

Microsoft’s Passwordless Future Gets a Step Closer

Friday brought some exciting news, as it was announced that Azure AD support for FIDO2 passwordless authentication is now in public preview. Passwords will soon be a thing of the past!

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The Latest From Us

Stacey’s Thoughts on the Microsoft IUR Re-Vamp

In her latest article, Stacey shares her thoughts on dogfooding, Microsoft’s new IUR strategy, and what the future holds for partners.

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