Microsoft Partnered with Identity Experts to Help with AAD Connect

Posted on 24 July 2018

Good news for those struggling to sync on-site and cloud-based Active Directory: Microsoft have selected us as a Partner to help customers with set-up, configuration and training for Azure Active Directory Connect!

What is AAD Connect?

Azure AD Connect (or AAD Connect) allows you to integrate your Azure AD with your existing directories kept on-premises.

Diagram by Microsoft

AAD Connect is a fundamental component to modern cloud computing. It gives you the power to grant users single sign-on capabilities and much more. This means your users have the freedom to access your company’s on-premise and cloud applications with one common identity. Now, Office 365, Azure, and SaaS applications can all be integrated with Azure AD.

Co-Director, Paul Green commented:

“Microsoft Partnerships are a big deal for both Microsoft and companies like ours. They’re Microsoft’s way of recognising our expertise and our way of ensuring we’re one of the first to know about the latest updates.  

“We’ve been a Microsoft Gold Partner for a while now and we had to pass some pretty strict criteria to get there. And now we’ve also impressed Microsoft with our AAD Connect project work, which means they’ll recommend us for more projects. For us, it’s proof we’re doing the right things. For customers, it’s proof that they can get help from one of the few UK experts in this field.”

We can help you in a way that works for your problem. We can provide bespoke implementation, training and support.

But Azure AD Connect is just another string to our bow. Why not find out more about how our Identity and Cloud solutions can help your business?


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