Identity Experts Supports the Microsoft Partner Pledge

Posted on 15 February 2021

Alongside a number of UK partners, Identity Experts was invited to sign the Microsoft Partner Pledge, throwing our collective support behind Microsoft’s ambitious plans for a better future.

 Over the last forty years, Microsoft has had a profound and undeniable impact on the UK’s tech ecosystem, introducing us to many of the innovations that today play a role in both our personal and professional lives.

During that time, new technologies have emerged, new challenges have arisen, and digital transformation has been ramped up in the face of various crises – including, most recently, the COVID-19 pandemic.

In response to these challenges – and to ensure that technological advances can continue to flourish while minimising the impact on our world – Microsoft has introduced its bold plan, covering five critical goals where partners such as Identity Experts can help. The result will be a more inclusive, accessible, ethical, and innovative world.

What Are the Goals of the Microsoft Partner Pledge?

In developing their action plan, Microsoft have identified five key areas of focus, each addressing a significant challenge:

Digital Skills

Tackling the skills gap and preparing for the Fourth Industrial Revolution through Microsoft’s Digital Skills programme, as well as promoting crucial training and investment in people.


Informing younger generations of digital careers by creating apprenticeships and opportunities across the UK.


Building a more inclusive and diverse workforce, guided by the Tech Talent Charter.

Responsible and Ethical AI

Developing AI ethically, helping it to reach its full potential in a responsible way.


Reducing carbon footprints and considering the impact on our environment.

Playing Our Part

As a Microsoft Gold Partner, it was our pleasure to participate in supporting Microsoft’s Partner Pledge, alongside some of the UK’s best and brightest. Together, we’ll be able to facilitate the change in these areas, bettering the world one step at a time.

For Identity Experts, there is a particular interest in supporting the development of digital skills in an effort to close the ever-widening skills gap – especially in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Behind the scenes, we’ve already started making preparations to align Microsoft’s objectives with our own activities – and we’re very excited to see what we can achieve by working together, as a community.

Watch this space for future developments as we work to support Microsoft to achieve their goals, and as we do our bit for the future we all deserve. To find out more about the Partner Pledge, be sure to visit the dedicated Microsoft website.

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