How Well Do You Know Microsoft Identity Manager? 

Posted on 11 September 2019

Microsoft Identity Manager (MIM) is the solution for businesses looking to secure their identity and access management processes, and the first step to using it effectively post-implementation is to gain confidence in the system – and our MIM Foundation training is the perfect starting point.

When it comes to identity and access management, Microsoft Identity Manager is usually the name on the lips of those who have already succeeded in securing their organisation’s data – and for good reason.  You too can complete your journey to better identity management with the help of our MIM Foundation Training course. 

MIM is designed to help organisations tie everything together by managing on-premises and SaaS directories, databases and applications. This solution provides you with the tools you need to synchronise your pre-existing systems, increase security by thwarting identity theft, and simplifying your identity management by automating key parts of the process.  

Thanks to its varying capabilities, Microsoft Identity Manager has continued to increase in popularity amongst businesses searching for ways to secure their data and identity processes. 

Building Confidence 

 As a Microsoft Gold Partner, we want to help our clients become experts in their new digital solution. To achieve this, we run a series of thorough, yet easy-to-follow training courses.  

We have three different courses ranging from Introduction – for non-technical staff to get to grips with what MIM can do – to Advanced, which offers experienced IT staff that final leg up to use MIM at an expert level.

Our three-day MIM Foundation course, meanwhile, is the perfect educational and engaging programme of study. Attendees will build confidence with MIM and improve their understanding of the technical aspects behind how Microsoft Identity Manager can be utilised for their organisation. 

The idea for our MIM training event originated both in how customers adjust to their new solution post-implementation, and also in the role that solving tricky problems using MIM plays in moving organisations towards cloud-based solutions. We identified an opportunity to help businesses become self-sufficient MIM users, and taking those all-important first steps towards the cloud, deciding to roll this training out to the world at large.  

We crafted these three training packages in order to allow our attendees to expand their knowledge and understanding of Microsoft Identity Manager, while experiencing first-hand what the solution is capable of. 

What to Expect with our MIM Foundation Course 

Our training mastermind, Gavin Byrne, is a qualified identity expert with over 15 years’ experience in helping users get to grips with IT solutions. Utilising his knowledge of Microsoft Identity Manager, he hosts our MIM Foundation training course, breaking it down into seven easy to digest modules: 

  • Module One: Introduction to MIM 

Your introduction will begin with discovering what an Identity Management system is and the organisational needs it sets out to address.  

  • Module Two: Synchronisation Concepts 

You’ll look at how identity data is imported, aggregated and stored in a state-based system, plus how to ensure that each connected system has the latest copy of authoritative data. 

  • Module Three: Configuration of Management Agents and Run Profiles 

An intro to the MIM Synchronisation Service Manager and it’s main tools. You’ll also learn what a Managements Agent (MA) is and how different versions are configured.  

  • Module Four: Loading Data and Configuring the MIM Service 

You’ll learn how to run the profiles for the MAs you created and load them into MIM, plus when and how to exclude data, and how to import users into the MIM Service for management.   

  • Module Five: The MIM Portal and Provisioning New Accounts 

Here, you’ll tackle provisioning within MIM, including how to utilise appropriate synchronisation rules and ensure that attribute flows are all correct. 

  • Module Six: Sets, Workflows and Management Policy Rules 

An in depth look at configuring the Portal, with more info on managing rules from the inside, creating user sets, and further info on workflows and Management Policy Rules (MPRs). 

  • Module Seven: Password Management 

A detailed look at passwords, specifically self-service password reset (SSPR). You’ll be taught authentication set up and how to avoid security breaches by how to lock out users when necessary.  


Getting to grips with Microsoft Identity Manager can seem like a mammoth task to begin with, but by working through our MIM Foundation course, and with an expert by your side, you and your team can be well on your way to identity management clarity. 

Looking to become a MIM expert? 

To find out more about our Microsoft Identity Manager Foundation course, please get in touch with a member of our dedicated team. 

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