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Posted on 29 April 2021

Earlier this month, we announced our acquisition by the Performanta Group, and we’ve been busy gearing up for this new journey ever since. But what does this exciting news mean for our customers, our ambitions, and our plans for the future? We’re here to answer all of those questions and more!

It’s official: Identity Experts has been welcomed to the Performanta family with open arms – and we’re excited for everything to follow. We know that you’ll have a lot of questions, so we’re giving you a peek behind the scenes in this article.

Below you’ll find some of the most frequently asked questions we’ve had, though if it’s not covered, just let us know – our team will be happy to fill you in!

Who are Performanta?

Performanta is a fast-growing global provider of managed cyber security services to enterprise customers. The team provides end-to-end security solutions for customers, advising on security strategies as well as monitoring their environments 24/7 – including full Managed Detection and Response (MDR) and Incident Response services. Identity Experts has now become part of the newly developed Performanta Group, incorporating over 150 experts across the UK and South Africa.

How does this affect Identity Experts’ customers?

This is what we’re most excited about. Becoming part of the Performanta family has opened up whole worlds of new opportunity for ourselves and our customers. Now, we’re able to introduce customers to a wider potential offering in SOC and MDR, while leaning on our new resources to deliver project work on an improved scale. In short, the acquisition has the potential to supercharge our ambitions – and we can take customers along with us for the ride.

What will change with the Identity Experts brand?

Currently, it’s business as usual and we’ll keep you updated on any further changes as we continue our journey with Performanta – so you won’t be saying goodbye to our familiar colours just yet.

Are the Identity Experts founders still involved?

Yes, and the existing Identity Experts team remains intact, moving forward as a family.

Has the current Identity Experts strategy changed as a result of this acquisition?

Our aspiration has been to complement our portfolio with the addition of options for managed detection and response, and full 24×7 SOC – so this move has enhanced our strategy and moved us further along on our journey.

We know Performanta deliver SOCaaS; do they deliver Sentinel?

They do now!  Identity Experts’ expertise delivers Sentinel experience which will leverage Performanta’s existing QRadar SOC initially, before we build out a full SOC based on Sentinel.

Is this new entity GDPR-compliant?

We take data and compliance very seriously, so we’re working closely with Performanta to ensure all of our work is GDPR and POPIA compliant. 

What’s next for Identity Experts?

We’ll be laying the foundation for our new relationship with Performanta over the coming weeks, forging new connections between various departments and getting comfortable in the group. In the meantime, we’ll also be introducing our customers to the new services on offer, while continuing to deliver the same exceptional standard of work. We hope you’ll be along for the ride with us!

Want to know more about the new worlds of opportunity resulting from Identity Experts’ acquisition? Looking for a peek at the new services we have on offer? Maybe you just have a question not covered above? Don’t hesitate: get in touch with our team and let’s talk.

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