Identity Global Community Call

Welcome to the Identity Global monthly call, where we invite individuals from across the identity community to come together, share thoughts and ideas, report back on challenges, and discuss new innovations.

Join us on the last Thursday of every month to engage with your identity and access management peers in a relaxed, non-partisan, non-sales virtual setting.  

Each call will feature a short talk from a member of the community on an area they feel passionate about, followed by a Q&A, and plenty of opportunities for open discussion about everything from new advancements in attestation, to the challenges of obtaining organisational buy-in.

Share ideas, insights, expertise, challenges, and knowledge with a group of likeminded individuals

A relaxed environment where everybody is welcome, with a golden rule: no selling

The opportunity to give a ten minute talk on an area passionate to you, with questions and feedback coming directly from your peers

Make sure you keep up to date with upcoming Identity Global dates by visiting our Events page. Here, you’ll find links to the next Identity Global call, as well as information on upcoming webinars, workshops, and other live events.

Got a question? Want to take a speaking slot on an upcoming call? Get in touch to speak to our team.

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