Azure Sentinel

Maintaining enterprise security can sometimes feel like an uphill battle, due to a raging sea of alerts, a barrage of increasingly sophisticated cyber-attacks, and the ever-building expectations of flexibility that come with embracing the modern workplace. Thankfully, Azure Sentinel is designed for the modern world, and this cloud-native SIEM can make protecting your organisation a lot easier.

With an increasing number of organisations adopting cloud-first strategies, it makes sense to move our security to the cloud as well. Traditional SIEM solutions have required on-premises infrastructure, which comes with costs for hardware renewals and maintenance contracts, as well as the internal resources needed to manage it. With Azure Sentinel – the latest security technology from Microsoft – these issues become a thing of the past.

Putting together large-scale intelligence from decades of security experience to work, Azure Sentinel can see and stop threats before they cause harm. Thanks to Sentinel’s artificial intelligence, your threat detection and response will be much smarter and faster, giving your team the power to see and stop threats before they cause harm. Sentinel is SIEM reinvented for a modern world. What’s not to love?

Limitless Possibilities

Forget infrastructure setup and maintenance, with the first cloud-native SIEM from a major cloud provider, storage limits won’t prevent you from protecting your business. As Sentinel is built on Azure, it offers nearly limitless cloud scale and speed to address your security requirements. Rather than having to worry about security infrastructure setup and maintenance, Sentinel empowers your security teams to elastically scale to meet your organisation’s needs, all while reducing IT costs.

Unparalleled Analytics

Sentinel utilises built-in machine learning to reduce noise from legitimate events and focus on finding real threats quickly. Sentinel’s AI draws from decades of Microsoft security experience, as well as analysis from trillions of signals a day, which is put to use via pre-built queries that will accelerate proactive threat hunting and catch bad actors at lightening speed.

Thanks to Sentinel’s powerful analytics, you get a prioritised list of alerts, correlated analysis of thousands of security events in seconds, and the power to see the entire scope of every attack. Integrated automation and orchestration of common tasks also frees up your security team to focus on more meaningful projects. Simplifying security operations while speeding up threat response? Sounds good to us.

Here’s an overview of Azure Sentinel’s key features and benefits:

Data Collection

Sentinel allows you to collect data at cloud scale across all users, devices, apps and infrastructure, both on-prem and in multiple clouds.


Threat Detection

Using detailed analytics and unmatched threat intelligence, Sentinel can detect previously uncovered threats and minimise false positives – providing you with unparalleled accuracy.


AI on Your Side

Sentinel uses machine learning models to investigate threats and hunt suspicious activities at scale, utilising decades of cybersecurity research from Microsoft’s security experts.


Rapid Responses

Built-in orchestration and automation of common tasks allows your security team to focus on new threats, while Sentinel handles common responses and repetitive tasks.


Plays Well with Others

Sentinel can connect to and collect data from all sources, including users, apps, servers, and devices running on-prem or in any cloud. It integrates with existing tools seamlessly – from external solutions from Palo Alto Networks, F5, Symantec, Fortinet, and Check Point, to your own home-grown tools – allowing you to combine your own insights with tailored detections, machine learning models, and threat intelligence.


Free Office 365 Data Import

Sentinel connects to data from Microsoft products in just a few clicks, making it easy to import Office 365 data for analysis and draw correlations to deepen your intelligence – at no additional cost.


For more information about Azure sentinel, check out our YouTube playlist for some insightful webinars.

Help Designing, Deploying, and Supporting Your Microsoft Sentinel solution

Identity Experts will ensure that your investment in Sentinel performs as expected and gives you the returns you anticipated. We don’t sell licences, only our expertise and experience.

As a Microsoft Gold Partner we have long-standing and in-depth experience and expertise in how to design, deploy, and support Microsoft solutions. Our services cover:

  • Initial planning and assessment
  • Configuration
  • Deployment and provisioning
  • On-going support

In an evolving threat landscape, it’s crucial that organisations modernise their security. With Azure Sentinel, you benefit from lessons learned over the years by Microsoft’s security teams while defending their customers’ cloud assets from nefarious parties. The resulting security solution is built for the modern organisation, generating insights across a vast array of different pieces of infrastructure.

With Sentinel, you get a detailed security overview across your organisation’s entire hybrid environment. Sentinel’s machine learning tech quickly sorts through large amounts of data and connects the dots for you, allowing your security team to either react quickly to threats, or focus elsewhere while Sentinel’s automation keeps things under control. Azure Sentinel simplifies your security operations and allows your team to scale as your organisation grows, making it easier than ever before to protect your organisation from sophisticated threats.

If you’d like to know more about how Sentinel can modernise your security operations, simply get in touch with a member of our dedicated team.

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